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By Published On: April 28th, 2009

It has been years since I have made Sunny hit the dirt and go into panic mode, but that record is over today.

We all were having a nice lie down, it’s close to 90 degrees here. Sunny was with me, calm as could be. I got up and decided to carry an armload of wooden parquet tiles down the stairs, Sunny was next to me. Even though the stack was on a piece of plywood it was as though the plywood split (it didn’t) and the whole stack came crashing down next to and onto Sunny. He fled down the stairs flat as a pancake, crashed into the baby gate at the bottom and was out the door. Oooops. This would have scared any dog but it has added implications for Sunny since he remains cautious while indoors most of the time.

When I went out to see how he was doing he was giving me that wide eyed look that I was so familiar with. I stopped apologizing and said ‘get your frisbee’ his favorite game, and up went the tail, he pounced on a frisbee and then tried to get me to take it from him, his second favorite game. Whew.

Finding something that your dog loves and associating it with a verbal cue can come in handy.

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