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Does My Dog Need Prozac?

Musings and sound advice on living with a shy, anxious, fearful or reactive dog.

In this collection of articles Debbie Jacobs explores the challenges many dogs face as they struggle to become happy, pet dogs, and the struggles of the people trying to help them. Does My Dog Need Prozac? provides sound advice and compassionate approaches to training special needs dogs.

“We are such an impatient bunch,” Debbie remarks early on in the book, and she had from that moment on. The book, a collection of posts from her insightful and popular blog is a relentless call for us to stop tossing frightened dogs off the proverbial high board in the deep end. This is an underserved population of dogs, whose suffering. Is not seen, seen but trivialized, or seen but misinterpreted as insubordination or power play. They are in desperate need of a champion and they found one in Debbie. A competent, intelligent and gifted champion whom we all must listen to. She takes us on a tour of misconceptions about fear, how our cultural bias and own evolutionary buttons get in our way, and, using illustrative narratives, how we can do better. It concludes with a wry observation that we humans could very well be one day held accountable for our atrocious stewardship of fearful dogs. I couldn’t agree more.”

Jean Donaldson, founder of The Academy for Dog Trainers

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Behavior is Lawful.

These words changed the world of dog training for me. 
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