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By Published On: November 18th, 2011

drawing of knee jointOne of the difficult things for people to understand is that fear based behaviors are not often easy or possible to ‘get over’ for all dogs. The idea that a dog will adjust is not always an option. In order for a dog to adjust to a new life, new people, places, objects, situations, they need to have a previously established set point for ‘adjustment’. It’s a place they’ve been before, and know their way back to.

Understanding this seems especially challenging for people who have had dogs, or who are the kind of person dogs like. It’s unimaginable that a dog just wouldn’t ‘come around’ under their care.

Think of fear based behavior as though it was a bum knee. You can do all kinds of physical therapy and with the help of a brace or caution, have a full, active life. But twist it wrong and suddenly you’re limping again. Barring surgery, you’ll never ‘get over’ having a bad knee. Even surgery and healing will leave scars and their impact may not be felt for years, but make no mistake, they’re there and they may get in the way of you ever achieving a full range of mobility.

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