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By Published On: September 25th, 2011

No recall is complete if you can’t get your hands on the dog.

I am continuing to try to get footage of Nibbles as we take the journey from fearful foster dog to playful pet dog (who needs a forever home BTW). I apologize that I haven’t improved my wardrobe.

When I interact with any dog I always think about how my behavior is going to 1) affect our relationship and 2) what the dog is going to learn from it. Most of the ‘work’ I have done with Nibbles has been done on a day to day, interaction by interaction basis, as opposed to structured training sessions. My goal has been to help Nibbles feel more comfortable and safe with me. As he’s become more comfortable with me, his behavior has changed.

I held off on doing this kind of leash work with Nibbles until I saw that he was not fearful of the interaction. When I did finally get around to doing structured sessions with him he was already ahead of the game. We start off in his pen with me sitting down, then I stand up and finally work with him outside his pen. I can call Nibbles when we are outside and get a hold of his collar and put a leash on him. This is an important skill for any pet dog.



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