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P.E.T. (Play. Exercise. Training) Therapy is an integrated approach to thinking about and working with fearful dogs.

Designed to help the most seriously compromised dogs; rescue groups, shelters and foster care givers will benefit from step by step information regarding the rehabilitation of fearful, feral, and unsocialized dogs.

Often handlers of fearful dogs put too much pressure on their dogs, causing stress and anxiety. By shifting the way we think about fear based behaviors and modify our approach to training these dogs, we can more effectively build a strong foundation of trust and a positive relationship with our scared dogs.

Movement and exercise are important components of the rehabilitative process with fearful dogs. Participants will learn games & activities which they can use to help initiate and encourage brain changing movement in dogs.

Training is a key component to working with any dog. Discover ways to train which will increase a dog’s confidence, build skills and create a strong, trusting relationship with a dog.

Find out more about how to get private or group lessons and presentations to help your dog or dogs in your area.

Behavior is Lawful.

These words changed the world of dog training for me. 
Find out how these three simple words can change everything for you too.