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Dog Owners Should Stand Up For Their Rights

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Dog trainers are a notoriously passionate bunch, and I will not deny that I am among them. However what is going on in the dog training industry extends beyond personal passion for the subject and crosses over into what pet owners should expect when they pay for a service. What they should expect is solid advice and guidance based on the best information available to ...

Should This Dog Be Up For Adoption?

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drawing by Leslie Swieck all copyrights apply The compassion that people show for dogs with fear-based behavior challenges is commendable. Rescue groups pull them from shelters by the thousands and well-intentioned people adopt them. Given the number of people joining online groups looking for support and advice about how to help these dogs the reality that it requires more than time and love should ...

Sunny & The Kid

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Sunny is my dog with the most fear based behavior challenges. For short I call him my 'fearful' dog. It's not an accurate description of him, because he is so much more than just fearful, in good ways and bad, but when managing him around people, it's the easiest label to slap on him. It's either that or, 'he's not right in the head', which ...

Small, White Dogs

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image: commons.wikimedia.org At the vet with Finn, who was having his second chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma, I chatted with one of the techs, who was also a dog walker. She mentioned a client's German Shepherd, I said how I always wanted one, but so many seem to have behavioral problems. Her reply was that for her the worst were small, white dogs, because ...