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The Real Reason You Should Never Hit Your Dog

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What is that hand going to do to me? Hitting a dog is a bad idea. Even one of those "Oh it didn't hurt them," swats is a bad idea. And here's why. Dogs notice what things predict. If a hand has ever predicted getting grabbed, scruffed, swatted or worse, the dog learns that sometimes hands do unpleasant things to them. Puppies will ...

Alternatives to Alpha

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Alternatives to AlphaWhen we know better we do better. It's about time that more people knew better. More voices are helping to get the better information out there. If you still think that dogs need pack leaders, and that you must use dominance in order to live happily with your dog, this free webinar is worth every second. Can you let go of out-dated ideas that ...

A Rose By Any Other Name?

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Is this a dominance hierarchy or bunk bed? They say a rose by any other name is still a rose, unless if you're naming it 'tulip' I won't know what you are describing. We may both understand that you are talking about a flower, but if you are ordering a dozen roses and ask for tulips you'll be in for a big surprise ...