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The neighbor kid has enjoyed learning how to train dogs For the past two summers I've been staying with my mum near Cape Cod. I know that having her youngest, and least fastidious daughter come and stay along with her four dogs is a challenge for her, but it's a trade-off she's had to make. Despite needing to spray the couch with Febreeze ...

Ooops. My Bad.

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Give me a break. Cut me some slack. We learn from our mistakes. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Four dogs practicing doing something that probably makes no sense to them. Despite the fact that our language is littered with phrases that attempt to make us feel ok about making mistakes, or to request that others ...

Stop The Barking AND Lower Your Blood Pressure

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This is a post about how to stop a dog’s barking. It’s not about how to eliminate barking in dogs. Let’s be real. Dogs bark and somewhere along the way toward domestication we must have liked that and selected for it. It’s not a dog’s fault that they live in an apartment building or neighborhood where people don’t want to hear a dog bark. Expecting ...

The Behavior Sandwich

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People often think of a dog’s behavior in much the same way as they think about a sandwich. It’s usually the meat in the middle that they are most concerned with. But behavior, like a sandwich has more going on than just the filling. What’s around the filling can matter a lot. Imagine going into a deli and ordering ham & cheese on rye and ...

Begging your pardon

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How often do you apologize for your dog's behavior? I am surprised at how often people, pet owners and trainers alike will beg forgiveness for their dog's behavior. We apologize for our dogs when they bark, greet someone enthusiastically or stare at someone's steak and cheese sandwich with unrelenting intensity. I am not taking a stand for allowing rude behaviors in dogs when they are ...