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Don’t Use Shock Collars For Sound Phobias

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Years ago, before the rise in podcasts I was asked to be part of a radio show featuring 3 dogs trainers. The show was being recorded for broadcasting at a later date. As soon as it was over I told the host I did not want to be part of the program. Luckily for me (and potential listeners) there were problems with the recording and ...

Staying At The Party

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I received this message on Facebook. I thought I'd share it and my response. "And while I was writing this in response to someone's question ... I was booted from that group ..lol nice Let me tell you what happens every time I state something I believe... I'm abused. I'll be part of a discussion and before you know it I'm getting bombarded with nasty ...

Get Back Here You Brat

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One of the most cited reasons for the use of a shock collar is to get reliable recalls from a dog. It can be very challenging to come up with an alternative for a dog which is as, or more reinforcing, than doing whatever it is the dog is choosing to do rather than return when called. So people quickly choose to use other options ...